The Gaspesie international Raid: THE adventure race you don’t want to miss in 2016!

This is what is being said on the international adventure raid circuit! The result: there are only 4 spots left for the 2016 GIR that will be held from September 8th to September 11th. That means there is only room for 1 team of 4 participants or 2 teams of 2 participants. What’s more, these spots are reserved for international teams…so hurry!
The popularity of the GIR has steadily increased since the first edition presented in 2014. This can be attributed to the national and international teams and media being blown away by the beauty of the Gaspésie region as well as the warm welcome and friendliness of its inhabitants, factors that make the GIR a unique event throughout the world. Many teams and media will be back to relive the excitement. Some will even be present for the third time in as many years. One of the best American raid teams, Tecnu Adventure Racing, a Spanish team ranked among the best in the sport, Arearaider.com-Fridama, and Brou Aventuras Kailish Cannondale, Brazilian brothers who will be participating in the GIR for the third time, are all expected to line up at the start of the 2016 edition of the event. Painted Wolf, the South African team, will also attempt to climb to first place in the overall ranking and finish ahead of Dynafit/SkimoEast and Olympian Lyne Bessette’s team, Raid Bras-du-Nord. Both Canadian teams will be back to defend their titles. Of course, teams from Uruguay, Estonia, France, Czech Republic, Argentina, Costa Rica, England, Switzerland, Colombia, and even Indonesia will also join in the fun.

Initially, the maximum number of participants had been set at 100. However, due to the buzz surrounding the GIR, event organizers were forced to find logistical solutions to make increasing the number of participants possible. The limit was raised to 140…and is now set at 170 participants.

Beyond the exceptional scenery, crystal clear salmon rivers, extraordinary shoreline, immense forests and dignified welcome raiders receive from the local population, what makes the GIR a unique event is the fact that 200 of the region’s young people are given the opportunity to take part in the first day of activities, alongside the teams that will complete the 300 km and 150 km courses. Uncommon challenges also add to the GIR’s distinctiveness. These include checkpoints located under 4-degree water, a 10-metre slide down a dam with a 70-degree slope, and even checkpoints located on a fishing boat and inside a convenience store.

What’s more, impressive media production always accompanies this event, making it possible to highlight adventure racing, participating teams, and the host region. The 2014 GIR Webcast was seen more than 427 047 times in 146 countries and broadcasted via television stations in 40 countries for a total of 2 500 hours of broadcasting. The 2015 GIR show was presented as a movie premiere in Canada
and is currently in the process of being distributed internationally. Note that as of the first week of April, a short video will be posted on the GIR facebook page. It will include images we were unable to include in the television show due to editing.

Finally, this year, raiders will face a new course that will lead them to the RCM of Bonaventure, all without forsaking the RCM of Avignon.

We look forward to meeting adventure seekers who are eager to push their limits in Quebec’s wonderful Gaspésie region from September 8th to September 11th.

Source: Press release – March 30th, 2016

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