Ontario, Canada

300 km, 2 men

Kyle Nesbitt et Nathaniel Hoover (Ontario)

Black Swan Racing was formed in 2014 with Kyle and Nathaniel as its’ primary athletes. They have primarily raced in “sprint” distance adventure races, focusing on building their skillset to lead into longer races with each year of experience. With several podium finishes we are both ready and looking forward to the challenge of racing at international level races.


Kyle Nesbitt only came into athletics after stumbling upon Adventure Racing in 2013. After competing and barely finishing his first 25km race, he was hooked on the idea of racing through the woods and the comradery of racing with peers. Growing up camping and backpacking gave Kyle a strong background in navigation and has used his passion for the outdoors to build his endurance.
Nathaniel Hoover only joined Adventure Racing through Kyle repeatedly asking for him to join as a teammate. Nathaniel begrudgingly accepted as a personal challenge; with a hatred for running and lack of experience in paddling, it was his personal commitment to Kyle that kept him motivated to train and complete his first AR. AR has taken Nathaniel to new places throughout Ontario, Canada and shown him the beauty of this Province outside of the cities. Now, with 1000’s of km’s under his feet/tires/hull and a new passion for the outdoors and competition, Nathaniel is looking forward to where AR will take him next…