Gaspésie International Raid: towards an eco-responsible commitment!

Let’s practice our sports in full nature while respecting it!

Running, swimming, cycling, canoeing in a salvage and challenging environment is a shared passion for all of us.

If we want that nature that we love to keep all its qualities, we have to preserve it. If we want to be always welcomed on a territory that we visit for our pleasure, we have to respect the locals.

Since its creation, the Gaspésie International Raid has always been animated by this will and many actions have been made to help reach this goal: a race course done in order to leave no permanent marks, biodegradable dishes for the meals, prompting the racers to use water source instead of bottled water, use of a drone instead of an helicopter to film the race, organization of a race for the youth on the area, canoe rental on site…

For this, the promotors of the GIR, the Société de développement et de mise en valeur de Carleton-sur-Mer, was awarded the Sustainable Development SADC Baie-des Chaleurs Prize in 2015.

In collaboration with the French agency ALTITUDE, Endurance Aventure is strengthening this measure with the development of a Chart built around the 4 following axes:

  • Eco-responsible management of purchasing, energy and water, waste…
  • Respect of natural environment and landscapes
  • Local populations participation
  • Contribution to the territorial development

On this base, this measure will constantly be enhanced and completed year after year.

This commitment implies everyone participation, notably the teams. We count on them to help us realizing an excellent eco-responsible performance at the level of their sport performance!