Volunteers meetings GIR 2017 :

Monday, September 4 :

18 h – 4-wheelers team

19 h – Security team

Tuesday, September 5 :

18 h – Officials team

19 h – Ropes team

We are looking for people who crave adventure to work as volunteers for the Gaspésie International Raid.

For the raid that will be presented in Gaspésie, we require the help of more than 50 volunteers. This international raid will, without a doubt, be a wonderful adventure for everyone involved: participants, media, the organization, and volunteers. We are looking for people who have a sense of adventure and are autonomous in the great outdoors.

If you are crazier than the average person and would like to take part in an incredible adventure in an outdoor paradise, join our team. To register, write to us at raidgaspesie@carletonsurmer.com or call us at 418 364-7073 ext. 238.

Here are some details about the positions where we need local volunteers:

First Aid Teams :

We are looking for paramedics in order to form a mobile First Aid Team on the ground. You must be able to move by vehicle, walking or in mountain bike if you have one, in order to bring the First Aid on site impossible to reach with the ambulance. You must also be able to manage an evacuation if needed with the support of the local emergency services. We are looking for 2 teams of 2 people.

Assistance Teams :

We are looking for 3 to 4 people willing to live the adventure from the inside. Some international teams are looking for an assistance team. The objective is to help a team of 2 or 4 during their 4 days race. The assistant has to manage the campsites (set the tent, prepare meals…) but also, during the race, be present at the transitions to feed the team and manage the equipment when switching sport activities. It is a very interesting mission but requiring also a lot of energy and involvement. You will have the opportunity to live the race with the athletes in a very intense way. You just need to be able to communicate with your team (speak a common language) and have a vehicle.

Race Set Up Management Team :

Three people are required for installing the race set ups at the arrivals and departures sites in order to set the flags, the arch, the fences, the tents, the mesh, etc. You will also have to make functional the electric installation for the sound system, the lights, the camps, and the projector. A team of 4 people for 4 days is required for the daily set up.

Rope activities Team :

We need many volunteers in order to install, check, and be in charge of the security during the rope activities. More volunteers are present at a rope activity and less the racers have to wait for the others for their turn. You don’t need to have any experience in rope activities or climbing as an experienced team will give you a precise task. However, if you do know some climbing techniques, you’re more than welcome!

Nautical Security Team (river and sea) :

For the canoe or kayak sections, we need volunteers with some skills in nautical rescue in river or on the sea. You will be posted on the nautical course or on a boat in order to follow the racers and rescue or assist teams in case of an emergency. It would be a good thing to know the rescue techniques in river or on the sea. We need 2 people who, ideally, possess a vehicle and a canoe or a kayak.

Road Security/Race Course

At the transitions, or at some more risky intersections, we will need volunteers in order to manage the traffic and look for the security of the racers but also of the public we expect to be quite numerous that will come to cheers for the athletes. You need to possess a vehicle in order to be autonomous to move from one site to the other. Your role will be crucial in some sections of the race course. We need from 8 to 10 people for this mission.