Compulsory equipment

The following list of Compulsory equipment is reduced to a minimum. We believe that if you are crazy enough to take part in this raid, you know exactly what your bag should contain!

Compulsory equipment for each participant

  • Mountain bike
  • Approved bike helmet
  • Whistle
  • Head lamp
  • Front headlight for bike
  • Red flashing taillight
  • Survival blanket
  • Approved lifejacket (auto-inflating or inflated lifejackets are forbidden)
  • Nautical safety knife
  • Sleeping bag and mattress

Strongly recommended equipment

Wetsuit for the swimming sections in river and sea and for the canyoning activities. The water is lower than 7 degrees Celsius.

Compulsory equipment for each team

  • 1 full equipment: climbing harness with 2 dynamic lanyards + carabiners + descender and autolock carabiner.
  • 1 rope bag with a 15 m floating rope for nautical security easy to throw
  • First aid kit
  • 1 tent (You have to be autonomous on the camping sections (water, food, portable stove, etc.) – managed by the assistant
  • Flag of your country

Material supplied by the organization

Watercrafts (canoes and paddles) will be provided by the organization. The participants can bring their own kayak paddles (transportation and management of paddles and canoes will be of your responsibility)

NEW 2017

The racers and assistants must carry all the material (bikes and canoes included). There will be no collective transport for canoes like in 2016.

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