3 TV shows in 3 editions : 2014, 2015 and 2016

A total of 4000 hours broadcasting in 100 countries!

The show produced as a result of the Gaspésie International Raid aims to introduce the world to the beauty of the Gaspésie region. In the background: a four-day race throughout which athletes are pushed beyond their limits as they experience moments filled with joy, fear, and suffering all while discovering magnificent places as well as a warm and welcoming population. 7 cameramen and 2 drones follow the athletes from the start of the race to the finish line.
This team consists of the best sports cameramen in Canada and Marc Plante, a renowned producer. They will stop at nothing to give you the opportunity to experience the Raid as if you were there.

The Gaspésie International Raid is no ordinary race… Each section, each physical challenge, and every detail is calculated in order to offer spectators stunning images. They will make you shudder, cry, or laugh, but one thing is certain, they won’t leave you indifferent… See for yourself!

Production télé / vidéo

Le Raid international Gaspésie n’est pas une course ordinaire… Chaque passage, chaque épreuve, bref, chaque détail est calculé de façon à offrir aux téléspectateurs les images les plus saisissantes. Elles vous feront frissonner, pleurer ou rire, mais une chose est sûre, elles ne vous laisseront pas indifférent…

RIG 2016 SHOW 50 MIN FR de EnduranceAventure sur Vimeo.

2017 videos

4 days resume


Day 1

Youth Prologue
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